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Handbag Style Tips From Royanah

When it comes to fashion everyone wants to look great.

People's likes to dress up and willing to spend how much the goods worth just to satisfy what they want. For example shop to buy clothing, jewelry, make-up, perfumes, shoes, and handbag. Frankly speaking when it comes to handbag they are very fussy about it, because it is related with their character and personality. There is many type of branded handbags with different price and quality. Now, we are trying to bring Indonesian brand handbag. And this is my site. We are selling Indonesian brand handbags here.

Handbag is uses to be helpful as it is play's big part and help to carry things. Handbag becomes very important part at fashion. Whenever we want to buy hand bag, we have to think what's the purpose for and what kind of occasions, it can be like for school, work, party, casual or formal like going for company dinner, for sure their using different bag to match their occasion.

Some people said that most expensive bag is the best bag, but it's not. You can say good bag when it can suit your body better, and make you look dazzling with your own personality.

Handbag Style Tips

For women, handbag have their own needs. To get the right handbag for different occasion you can see some tips here:
  • Handbag and your body: Some people said choose hand bag that match with our body and some said the opposite, for example for big size lady avoid big and bulky bag, You can choose smaller  or rectangular bag, for small size lady you can choose bigger bag that will help you look bigger.  
  • The right size: Meaning use hand bag that suitable for function and on right situation. You will not going to bring luggage to cocktail party right?
  • Colors: It can be matching your dress or you can contras it as well, sometimes you can just go with the mood on that day.
  • Textures: Matching for different kind  of occasion. If you lazy to change your bag, use strong handbag and not too much accessories.
  • Shapes: That many type shape of hand bag (examples below)
  • Functions: Use it for the right function for example to work, party, and many other occasion.
Here are some popular shapes of hand bag:
  • Tote: An open top bag with strap or handles.
  • Hobo bag: A crescent-shape shoulder bag, this style often soft and slouchy.
  • Duffle: Tall shoulder bag, often with wider opening on top.
  • Messenger bag: A large, soft shoulder bag with long strap (usually worn across the body).
  • Cigar box: A small, boxy, hard bag.
  • Pouch: A soft, small bag.
  • Cross body bag: Often smaller in size worn across the body at an angel.
Not everyone likes to use the same shape of bag, because it helps you a lot how do you look. Most women wore shoulder bag which is can make them look flat on their waist. In any case we don't want spent money for unnecessary bag.

So before you shop you need to know and think of life style.

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